I am a lethargic daydreamer who has inexplicably stumbled upon writing and self-publishing fiction.

My adventures in writing began way back in first or second grade, when I penned my first short stories. Their subjects have ceded to the mists of lost memory, but in the intervening decades, I've written and trunked myriad bad manusctripts. However, with the advent of self-publishing, I can now share my feeble brain droppings with readers around the world, without apology.

I count the immortal Elmore Leonard, along with Carl Hiaasen, Tim Dorsey, and Christopher Moore, among my favorite authors. However, I'm reasonably certain I am not among theirs.

A native Pennsylvanian, I now reside in suburban Las Vegas with my wife, Donna; a laid-back tortoise-shell calico cat named Chloe; and sixty-plus pounds of rompin', stompin' basset hound who answers to Molli.